You Capture…Sweet


This morning I’m participating for the first time in Beth’s You Capture challenge.. It has been amazing looking at all of the entries.

For me, nothing is sweeter than getting time with both my girls at once, outside, snapping photos. All too often, the oldest is off to work, doing homework, or hanging with friends and the little one just doesn’t like slowing down. at all. ever. 

But yesterday afternoon, the Photog gods smiled at me and gave me almost an hour with both my girls and no interruptions. It was heavenly!





Happy shooting,



~ by Nique' on May 21, 2009.

15 Responses to “You Capture…Sweet”

  1. these photos are great. The last one is particularly imaginative and very sweet. a moment captured and treasured forever

  2. Welcome!! You did FABULOUS job! I love the first one especially. What SWEET moments you got to share with your girls!!

  3. Definitely a very sweet afternoon 🙂 Love the shadow holding hands picture. I only have brothers so I can only imagine how sweet a sister bond can be 🙂

  4. How cool!!! Your daughters are just beautiful! What a sweet way to spend some time together!!! Great job!

  5. Oooh. I really love the shadows!

  6. gorgeous captures – must frame the first one!

  7. Great photos and awesome colors!!

  8. I love the last one!

  9. Love the shadows!

  10. I love the feet and shadows!

  11. All very sweet, but I especially love the shadow shot.

  12. I love the last one!

  13. Gorgeous pictures! The last is my favourite, sweet feet and shadows 🙂

  14. Yeah. the shadow pix WERE a good idea = ]

  15. Very nice! I especially like the first one – beautiful!

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