Back to Holland

Before I totally pull a ‘blonde moment’ which I do. Frequently. Too frequently. I thought I’d go back to our trip to Holland from a couple of weeks ago. Wow! Has it already been 2 weeks? School isn’t even out yet, but the summer is already rushing past!

One of the things I really wanted to do while we were in Holland was to visit Windmill Island. I couldn’t wait to see a working windmill up close and personal. There is just something so poetic, so romantic about them. (Hmm… a working system designed to mill flour to bake bread = more work for, typically, women…and I think this is romantic? Maybe I should think about that a bit more… but not now! 🙂 )


One thing that totally surprised me was that the entire top of the windmill is basically a turret – and turns so that the miller can turn the blades into the wind as necessary. It makes sense of course, I just never realized. And to think of that type of technology ‘way back when.’     That’s cool!


See those spoke things? Those are connected to what looks like a huge spoke wheel. The miller steps on the spokes of the wheel (like climbing a ladder) and that in turn actually turns the top.




Onr of the things that really struck us, was that from the outside, the windmill seemed almost disappointingly small. Yet once you were inside – it seemed emense! Huge! And it was 5 stories tall (not counting the turret part at the top)Everything on the ‘island’ was so picture perfect it really took one back to days gone by. A slower pace. Time to actually stop and smell the roses, tulips, that is…

Happy shooting,



~ by Nique' on May 26, 2009.

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