Since you asked…

My name is Nique and I am a housewife in the Midwest. Very happily married with two beautiful girls who I’m sure you will be seeing quite a bit. We live, we love and we argue infrequently – thankfully! Enjoy your stay and help yourself to the cookies on the table.



Nickname: The Model – our 16 year old. Typical teenager? Not! She has been such a blessing. Good grades, not afraid to take her own stand, beautiful (did a bit of modeling for a while), caring. Is she perfect? Of course not, no one is; but she is growing up to become an amazing person. I could go on and on but can’t all Moms?




Nickname: The Greeter– why? Because she tells EVERYONE hello. At school, in the store, at the post office, in a restaurant. She never met a person who wasn’t her friend. This is my precocious 6 year old. She is adorable and wicked smart! Model has already been teaching her algebra. For a year. Granted, it’s basic algebra – but algebra in kindergarten. Holy Cow! This is the one who I’ll ‘pay my dues’ with!  🙂


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